November 7, 2012

Sometimes I wonder how Christian women in they’re late 20’s and 30’s ever find boyfriends. It’s not like we can go to bars and clubs and flirt with all the guys, right?
What if your church has zero single and or date-able men? Are we just supposed to go where the men are? What if we love our churches and families and don’t want to leave ?
What are we supposed to do??
I’ve tried online dating so that’s not a valid answer in my opinion.
Maybe this is why SO many Christian women end up with husbands who aren’t believers.
I hate to say it, but I’m almost at the point where I’d rather marry a nice guy who’s not a believer than to die single and Unmarried with no children.
I guess I could just stay where I am and just keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully some day God will just plan a divine meeting for me with my future husband.
That happens all the time to unbelievers , at least those are the stories I keep hearing. So and so met her husband at a bar and they’re absolute soul-mates and have two kids and everything’s great. I mean everyone has life interrupt with hard stuff but at least they have each other to go through the hard stuff with.
Meanwhile the Christian women who are really awesome and have a lot to offer aren’t supposed to go to bars or clubs or even date non believers so they sit at home or at work or even at public places and just waste away while the other non believing women snatch up all the single men.
It’s not fair. But when is life ever fair? Rarely.
I guess I’ll be waiting…it’s not like I’m going to give up on God. He’s done so much for me.